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October 3, 2013 News

День Сеха. Подборка скейтовых фотографий, собранных из Конторы. Кстати, автор снимков известен только один, а наверняка среди всего найдутся карточки ещё кого-нибудь. Поэтому, фотографы, отзовитесь. Подпишем. С первым снегом! … Read

Anton Velikzhanin

May 27, 2013 Anton Velikzhanin

I live in Moscow. First time I thought about photography was in 2003. I was inspired with extreme sport. I was taught photography by my grandfather Victor Leonidovich Velikzhanin – a honored worker of culture of Russian Federation, a photographer of news agency “ITAR-TASS”. I practiced working as an assistant with different photographers. Being 4 year student I started working at the musical TV channel, then I worked as a documentary film editor. Through this experience I was totally absorbed with photography.

I’ve collaborated with different apparel companies: “Quiksilver”, “Sprandi”, “Fiction wear”
My photos were published in magazines “Doski”, “onBoard”, “Extreme”, “offline”, “MountainBikeAction”
and others on-line editions. Staged photography is my best whether it be still-life or advertising photography. All this is mine.

I’ve been awarded at different extreme-photo competitions and participated in the collective exhibitions of street culture Faces&laces. I’m opened for collaboration with designers and artists.


Ivan Andrianov

March 25, 2013 Ivan Andrianov

Ivan. Photographer and videographer. Starting point of his career was a crash on a bike, followed by rehab. Meanwhile he started photography and later — filming. His main source of inspiration is music. Direction of developing — documentary and cinema. Yet he still actively cycling. Riding on all kindes of bikes (mainly dirt jumping) and all other kind of stuff: rollerblade, skate, ski, moto. Loves playing ball games, dogs and cookies with chocolate chips.


Photoproject 09-10

March 11, 2013 Photoproject 09-10

Second photoproject was made in 2010. This was collaboration between Fiction, NonStandArt artists and Anton Velikzhanin.

The idea was born when we found deserted school in small city Klimovsk near Moscow. It is interesting that this building became winter spot for skaters, artists, hooligans and alcoholics. There was DIY skatepark in gymnasium like Skatetopia. And we put our’s part into this lovely place: built some new figures and painted walls in four different themes. Fiction skate team became a part of pictures and Anton Velikzhanin took photos of all this action. Interview in the magazine: DOSKI.

All shots made by Anton Velikzhanin. Riders: Fomin, Aksenov, Zaschepin, Bragin.

Photoproject 08-09

March 8, 2013 Photoproject 08-09

The first Fiction’s skate/snow photoproject. Made of child’s toys, white paint, markers and Fiction riders. The idea was to show how fiction is always around. One of the shots of this project won first place in photo contest made by main russian skate/snow magazine – Doski.

All shots made by Anton Velikzhanin. Riders: Fomin, Rukavishnikova, Tarakanov, Smiryagin, Korchevniy, Dyakonov.


February 25, 2013 Bike