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Aleksandra Kiseleva

May 28, 2013 Aleksandra Kiseleva

There is something both reassuringly familiar and starkly unsettling about the strange netherworld evoked by the Moscow-based artist Sasha Kiseleva. The viscous, undulating otherworldly forms that populate her recent works pulsate with ambiguous meditations on mortality, genesis and dreams, managing to evoke a sense of familiarity in the viewer while presenting them with something utterly alien. Satellite Voices spoke with Sasha to find out which part of her psyche these bizarre inner worlds have sprung from… Text by Kemal Tarba*


Bonus for Sasha Kiseleva video-Interview

May 21, 2013 News
Bonus for Sasha Kiseleva video-Interview

Дополнение к видео-интервью Саши Киселёвой. Правда по сути вышло то самое интервью, а дополнением был первый выпуск. Весь нынешний ролик занимает аж 10 минут в течении которых Кисель о многом успевает рассказать. … Read

About Sasha Kiseleva (video-Interview)

May 8, 2013 News
About Sasha Kiseleva (video-Interview)

Видео-профайл нашей Саши Киселёвой. Между прочим Кисель уже была автором одной из футболок в прошлой коллекции Fiction и сейчас особо внимательные смогут увидеть скетч будущего принта в самом видео. … Read

Bring Brink

March 25, 2013 Bring Brink

Bringk Graphic designer and illustrator, has been skateboarding since 1999, and snowboarding at all. Skateboards, pencils, cartoon eyes and tongues are chewed up and spitted out as bringk.


Fun pictures

February 17, 2013 Fun pictures

Storage of fan art. Everyone can take a part in Fiction’s life by making a special art for us. And please, give us your address to return thanks! E-mail – hello@fictionwear.ru

Fiction x Automaton snowboards

February 11, 2013 Automaton

The first collaboration between American and Russian snowboard brands. Automaton – small snowboard company from California. Main point in Automaton snowboards is design. That is what people likes them for. And especially for russian market two brands made together snowboard named “welcome to the Family”. Design for than deck was made by Russian artist Nastya KaerfKrahs, which lives in America.


4SNOWMAG –  interview for 4snowmag magazine.