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Photoproject 09-10

March 11, 2013 Photoproject 09-10

Second photoproject was made in 2010. This was collaboration between Fiction, NonStandArt artists and Anton Velikzhanin.

The idea was born when we found deserted school in small city Klimovsk near Moscow. It is interesting that this building became winter spot for skaters, artists, hooligans and alcoholics. There was DIY skatepark in gymnasium like Skatetopia. And we put our’s part into this lovely place: built some new figures and painted walls in four different themes. Fiction skate team became a part of pictures and Anton Velikzhanin took photos of all this action. Interview in the magazine: DOSKI.

All shots made by Anton Velikzhanin. Riders: Fomin, Aksenov, Zaschepin, Bragin.