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Anton Velikzhanin

May 27, 2013 Anton Velikzhanin

I live in Moscow. First time I thought about photography was in 2003. I was inspired with extreme sport. I was taught photography by my grandfather Victor Leonidovich Velikzhanin – a honored worker of culture of Russian Federation, a photographer of news agency “ITAR-TASS”. I practiced working as an assistant with different photographers. Being 4 year student I started working at the musical TV channel, then I worked as a documentary film editor. Through this experience I was totally absorbed with photography.

I’ve collaborated with different apparel companies: “Quiksilver”, “Sprandi”, “Fiction wear”
My photos were published in magazines “Doski”, “onBoard”, “Extreme”, “offline”, “MountainBikeAction”
and others on-line editions. Staged photography is my best whether it be still-life or advertising photography. All this is mine.

I’ve been awarded at different extreme-photo competitions and participated in the collective exhibitions of street culture Faces&laces. I’m opened for collaboration with designers and artists.