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July 19, 2016 News

Moscow – is a huge evolving subcultural hub, that is giving life to our creativity and activity. This city and its unique power has always been the main inspiration for many subcultures and creative units. FACES&LACES project has its roots deep in the street, which always will be the foundation and the basis of ideology of the project. All the years FACES&LACES was deeply connected with Moscow, city, that never stands still.

The city and its dynamic motion played a major role in the history of FACES&LACES – the exhibition continues to live, change and evolve along with the diverse and contradictory Moscow. The true, raw city, with all its positive and negative sides – is the main hero of FACES&LACES 2016. The city, which is also a scenery, a partner, a friend, and a platform for all our ideas. City is a soundtrack, an integral part and the texture of our lives here, became the starting point for our creativity and self-expression. It gives bottomless inspiration for many young and active generations who have something to say.