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February 16, 2015 News

Hey Karly! Welcome to the Fiction!  Check this out. Enjoy! 

So, first some stupid questions for your profile on our website:

Birthdate? May 18 1994.
Riding since (year)? 2002.
Stance? Regular.
Favorite trick? Switch back 5.
Favorite spot? Boreal Mountain Resort or Breckenndge.
Hobby? Swimming.
Fav food? Fried Chicken or Hot Chicken Wings.
Fav color? Black or blue.
Fav snwb video? All of them!!!!!!
Fav music? Gansta Rap, hip hop.

And here are some questions to welcome interview. Tell us about your native town?

– Detroit, MI is one of the only major cities to go bankrupt. There are a lot of really cool parts about it but there are also abandoned buildings and a lot of crime. I didn’t grow up right there but in a form town outside of the city. I love my city and where I come from because it has so much heart and soul.


Some about your roots?

– I come from a really large family and we are all very dose to one another. I love my family more than anything in this world.


How you started to ride?

My two older brothers got me into it, and I fell in love with it immediately. It was the most fun thing that I had ever tried.

What does your parents thinking about snowboarding?

– My parents and older brothers are the most supportive of my snowboarding. They believe in me more than anyone.

Do you studying any profession?

– I don’t currently but I want to go to school to be a writer.

Is snowboarding hobby or smth more?

– Snowboarding means everything to me, it is my career.

Tell us about your hobbies.

– I love to read and write, and I love creating lasting friendships. Friendships are really important to me.

Is it hard to be girl-snowboarder in USA?

– It is definitely hard but I love the challenge. We all push each other so much, and being on the US team is a huge honor for me.

What was your reaction to the first our mail?

– I loved getting my first mail from you guys. Just knowing that it came from so far away. Your support is my little piece of Russia that I got to bring back with me from the Olympics.

What did you know about Russia?

– I really don’t know very much at all about Russia, but I know that I loved going there.

Without internet our cooperation would not be possible.

– 21st century helps up :) It sure does!!

What do you think about nowadays technology, fast internet and gadgets – is it good or in 60s people were happier?

– I think technology brings our world closer, and makes it a little bit smaller. It allows us to keep up our personal lives no matter where we are. I think it is a very good thing, and I think that we are probably happier now than we were before. The internet allows our lives to grow past where we are at the current moment.

How you training new tricks?

– Describe you everyday trainings. I try to do new tricks every single day and I go out and ride for four or five hours five days a week. It takes so long to get better at snowboarding so I dedicate as much time as I can to it.


You have your own style – that’s fact! How did you get it? Some inspirations? Hours of hard work?

– I have to credit most of my style to my brothers. They were always so hard on me about looking like a girl so it is my main priority for it to look good. I would rather do an easier trick with style than a harder trick that looks sketchy.


How did you get to Olympic Games?

– It was the hardest thing that I have ever done, mentally and physically. I worked very hard and I kept a positive mindset. I could not have done it without the support of my friends and family back home.

Did you Ike Sochi?

– I had so much fun in Sochi, but I do think that it is sad how abandoned it is now.


P.S. www.facebook.com/karly.shorr


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