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Go Karly Go!

March 13, 2016 News

The oldest snowboard contest Burton U.S. Open ended 5th of March in Colorado. Great come back of Shaun White – he took first place in pipe. Gold medalist of X Games Chloe Kim is winner in pipe in women. Champions of slopestyle are Jamie Anderson and Kyle Mack.

But main interest for us not the winners. The best news for us is that part of Fiction team Karly Shorr took silver in women slopestyle! It’s great. Karly became Fiction rider after Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, where she took 6th place. She said that she loved Russia very much and Russia loved her too. Her welcome-interview is here: www.en.fictionwear.ru/?p=2888

Now Karly Shorr is one of the best snowboard riders in USA and in whole world. Regularly she takes 2th and 3rd places at the biggest world contests. So we wish her all 1st places at all contests next year! Jamie Anderson be ready ;) Here are some Karly’s videos from different big contests 2016:

Karly Piper Shorr / BIG AIR at Fenway Park 2016

Karly Shorr’s Second Place Slopestyle Run / South Korea Olympic TE 2016

Karly Shorr (2nd) / Burton US Open 2016

Karly Facebook: www.facebook.com/karly.shorr
Karly Instagram: www.instagram.com/karlyshorr