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August 8, 2014 News

FACES&LACES is an annual interactive exhibition project, that is dedicated to the latest connections of actual fashion and streetwear, visual communications and alternative contemporary art in Moscow with a main focus on subcultures. FACES&LACES takes place in Moscow since 2007 and comes as the biggest event in it’s way on the whole post-soviet territory.

FACES&LACES joins the leaders of the local market and industry in streetwear, actual fashion and subcultural tendencies. The main participants are big and small brands, distributors, retailers, famous Russian and foreign designers, artists, art-groups and communities — from music to action sports.

They prepare personal projects, that can be seen only in Moscow, at FACES&LACES event only. General purpose of the participants is to reveal the philosophy, position and essence of a brand by means of installation, retrospective or an art-object.

FACES&LACES can be compared to the symposium, with a platform for communications between common audience, mass-media, participants and representatives of brands or shops in a nice, disposing to dialogue atmosphere.

Exhibition’s main objectives are to expand horizons among the audience, to promote the good taste and healthy lifestyle, to construct direct communication between the subcultures, newcom- ers, major brands and visitors.

WE SUPPORT UNDERGROUND! More info: www.2014.faceslaces.com And: Fiction Cirqle.